Topic : voice of the public

Chart shows percentage of coverage in NPR’s Morning Edition broken down by topic and sentiment. Time frame is June 1 – August 24.

Summer Spotlight: NPR Morning Edition

While the 4th Estate Project works on processing the coverage from the RNC and DNC, we are releasing short posts about the summer election coverage of specific media. Similar to…

Chart shows percentage of statements from newsmakers outside of the campaigns that are about Romney (red) and about Obama (blue). Time frame is May 1-August 22.

Ryan Creates Biggest Buzz for Romney Campaign All Summer

Ryan’s entrance into the presidential race created a huge spike in discussion of the Romney campaign. It was the biggest spike in discussion about Romney from third-party newsmakers all summer,…

Chart shows percentage of statements in election coverage that came from Citizen newsmakers. Time frame is May 1 – August 17.

Before Ryan Selection, Citizens Were Gaining VoiceShare

Up until Ryan was picked to be Mitt Romney’s running mate, Citizen VoiceShare was increasing steadily for the first time since mid-June. As was the case during the GOP primaries,…