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Chart shows percentage of statements among the top 5 most-covered Romney VP candidates, broken down by sentiment. Time frame is June 1-August 10.

Ryan was Attack Dog Candidate with Biggest Teeth

Leading up to Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan for GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan was the most effective campaign surrogate among Romney’s VP long list. In the past three…

Chart shows distribution of percentage of statements made by newsmakers who are on the long list for Romney’s Vice Presidential nominee in articles that mention the terms “vice president”. Former presidential candidates Bachmann, Gingrich and Santorum excluded. Time frame is July 1 – August 7.

Media Picks Portman For Romney VP Nominee

Among the long list of contenders for Romney’s VP, Marco Rubio has had the highest VoiceShare over the past three months. However, the media has amplified Rob Portman’s voice to…