Topic : social issues

Chart Shows sentiment toward Romney from female sources not working for a campaign, among policy-related issues. March 15-April 12.

Females Display Distrust for Romney

Excluding coverage of the horse race and looking only at policy issues, 60% of statements about Romney from female newsmakers not working for a campaign concern Social Issues (abortion, gay…

White House on Social Issues

White House Sets Convenient Agenda

Over the last couple of months, there has been a notable increase of mentions to social issues in the media against economy debate. This is important because whoever frames the…

Shows message distribution of sources outside of campaigns (excluding Campaign messaging) from Mar 20-Apr 10

Romney Campaign Unable to Bend Election Discourse

In the past month, the Romney campaign has discussed the Economy 33% of the time when discussing policy issues. Romney’s campaign is trying to make the case that his experience…

Comparison of Energy and Social Issues in Republican Election 2012 race prior to Wisconsin Primary

Gas Prices Pump Up The Primary

During the month of March, statements related to the issue of Energy (primarily connected to the conversation of high gas prices) replaced statements related to Social Issues. At the beginning of…

2012-03-14 Candidate Behavioral Analysis - Values

Two Candidates, Two Strategies

Data clearly shows Santorum is betting on Values to shape the Election In a sample behavioral analysis of Rick Santorum in major media since January 1, Santorum has been more…