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Chart shows amount of coverage dedicated to the Economy, Taxes, Entitlements and Social Issues by the Wall Street Journal compared with all other print outlets in 4thEstate’s statistical data sample. Time frame is May 1-November 6, 2012.

Election Coverage Wrap-Up: The Wall Street Journal

This post is the continuation of our media monitoring series examining coverage behavior of various media outlets during Election 2012. Today’s post discusses the statistical data analysis of the sourcing…

Chart shows percentage of statements from members of the Romney campaign team broken down by newsmaker and sentiment. Statements from Mitt Romney excluded from data set. Time frame is September 1-October 31.

Fall Bench Strategies

Back in June, 4thEstate published a post on the bench strategies used by the Obama and Romney campaigns. Today, we are looking at the behavior of the Romney and Obama…

Chart shows positive and negative sentiment of statements about Romney’s Character in election coverage from newsmakers outside of the campaigns. Time frame is July 27 – August 24.

Ryan Improves the Romney Brand

Coverage of Mitt Romney’s character had a positive spike following his choice of Paul Ryan as running mate. This positive coverage was due to Paul Ryan’s likeability, which helps improve…

Chart shows sentiment of statements in election coverage by the Chicago Tribune. Time frame is May 1 – August 18.

Obama Cannot Count on Hometown Support

Since May, election coverage in the Chicago Tribune has been very negative to Obama. Romney and Ryan piled on the negative coverage last week, but negativity toward Obama has been…

Chart shows percentage of statements among the top 5 most-covered Romney VP candidates, broken down by sentiment. Time frame is June 1-August 10.

Ryan was Attack Dog Candidate with Biggest Teeth

Leading up to Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan for GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan was the most effective campaign surrogate among Romney’s VP long list. In the past three…