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Chart shows coverage by NPR, Print and TV outlets in 4th Estate’s statistical data sample broken down by newsmaker type. Campaign newsmakers excluded. Only top 5 newsmaker types shown. Time frame is May 1-November 6.

Election Coverage Wrap-Up: NPR

This post is the continuation of our media monitoring series examining coverage behavior of various media outlets during Election 2012. Today’s post discusses the statistical data analysis of the sourcing…

Chart shows percentage of statements of election media coverage that have come from TV and Print media out of coverage from the two mediums. Time frame is May 1-September 22.

Print Coverage Gains Steam From Conventions

After months of being dominated by TV media, the election has gotten increasing coverage from print media since the conventions. For the majority of the summer, television news and talk…

Chart shows percent of statements from Romney and his campaign officials, and Obama and his campaign officials in total coverage of Print, Radio and TV. Time frame is May 1 – July 15.

Romney Campaign Gets More Coverage Across Media Space

It seems the media is more interested in Mitt Romney than Barack Obama. Election coverage in print, radio and television media have amplified more quotes from Romney and his campaign…

Chart shows percentage of statements in 4thEstate’s sample of election coverage that came from Print (orange) and Television (green) outlets. Time frame is March 1 – June 30.

Print Liked GOP Primary – TV Likes General Election

While print coverage of the election has steadily dwindled since March, election coverage in television news and political talk shows continues. Political analysts, commentators, journalists and partisans continue to speculate,…