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Chart shows percentage of statements from Mitt Romney and Barack Obama out of election coverage in top print outlets. Time frame is April 17 – July 28.

Candidate Coverage Among Top Print Outlets

Among top national print outlets, Mitt Romney has almost double the statements in election coverage than Barack Obama. For newsmakers discussing the candidates in these outlets, the ratio is also…

Chart shows percentage of statements about Romney and Obama from newsmakers outside of the campaigns. Time frame is April 17 – July 26.

Romney Discussed More Than Obama in Election Coverage

Newsmakers from outside the Obama and Romney campaigns have discussed Mitt Romney more than Barack Obama in coverage of the general election. When discussing Romney, his campaign strategy and character…

Chart shows distribution of coverage on the top 10 topics covered during the general election between Romney and Obama. Time frame is April 17 – July 25.

Campaign Tactics Still Main Topic of General Election Coverage

Campaign strategy is still the most-discussed topic in coverage of the general election between Romney and Obama. Although other issues have broken into the conversation more than they did during…

Chart shows percentage distribution of statements in election coverage on major TV shows. “Other” represents newsmaker types outside of the top 5. Time frame is May 1 – July 25.

Major TV Shows Have Different Newsmaker Foci

Election coverage on major political talk shows is driven by a similar set newsmaker types However, major TV shows have been covering these newsmakers in different amounts since May 1st….

Chart shows percentage of statements that are Neutral (grey), Negative to Obama (purple), and Negative to Romney (orange) in election coverage over time. Time frame is June 25 – July 23.

The Art of Neutrality

Media coverage of the election has been filled with heated rhetoric and personal attacks, leading to high ratio of sentimental coverage. The recent rise in statements without sentiment (neutral) and…

Chart shows distribution of statements by newsmaker and sentiment in NPR coverage of the election. Time frame is May 1 – July 15.

NPR Amplifies Romney More Than Obama

Statements from Mitt Romney make up a greater portion of coverage on NPR since May 1st than do statements from Barack Obama. Typically thought of as a liberal outlet, election…

Chart shows percentage of statements about Candidate Character in election coverage. Time frame is May 1 – July 22.

Bain Issue Drives Return of Horse-Race Journalism

There has been a recent sharp increase in the coverage of Candidate Character. While Romney has received more coverage on the issue, he has received the most criticism on the…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Republicans (red) and Democrats (blue) among coverage of major issues in election coverage. Excludes statements from Romney and Obama. Time frame is May 1 – July 17.

Republicans Getting More Coverage than Democrats

Since May 1st, Republican newsmakers have received more coverage on major issues than have Democrats. In major print outlets, the gap is even more severe. Although the gap in coverage…

Chart shows percent of statements from Romney and his campaign officials, and Obama and his campaign officials in total coverage of Print, Radio and TV. Time frame is May 1 – July 15.

Romney Campaign Gets More Coverage Across Media Space

It seems the media is more interested in Mitt Romney than Barack Obama. Election coverage in print, radio and television media have amplified more quotes from Romney and his campaign…

Chart shows topic and sentiment distribution of statements that include the word “tax”. Time frame is November 1 – July 16.

Tax Debate a Double Edged Sword for Romney

Romney’s tax returns have been a major focus of the Obama campaign strategy and have complicated the discussion about taxes by making it about Mitt Romney’s Taxes, not tax policy….