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Chart shows coverage of Mitt Romney by the USA Today broken out by topic and sentiment. Time farm is June 1 – August 7.

Wall Street Journal and USA Today Provide Romney Boost

Election coverage in NewsCorp’s Wall Street Journal and USA Today has varied significantly in terms of their candidate focus. However, sentiment trends of each paper suggests that they are helping…

Chart shows percentage of statements about Mitt Romney that were negative and positive to him among the top 5 topics in election coverage from NewsCorp media outlets. Time frame is January 1 – July 8.

NewsCorp Coverage of Romney Predominantly Negative

After a scathing editorial about Romney in the Wall Street Journal, questions were raised about Murdoch and NewsCorp’s commitment to the presumptive GOP nominee. Typically right-leaning and favorable to GOP…

Chart shows sentiment distribution of statements about Newt Gingrich from top five corporations that covered him. Excludes statements from Gingrich made about himself.

NewsCorp Not Only Media Corporation That Was Anti-Gingrich

On May 3 we posited the question “Were Murdoch and NewsCorp Slanted in Favor of Romney and Against Gingrich?”. This was in response to Gingrich’s claim that “Fox has been…

3 May Gingrich NewsCorp bias-450

Were Murdoch and NewsCorp Anti-Gingrich?

On April 11, Gingrich made the claim that “Fox has been for Romney all the way through”. 4thEstate NewsPoll data shows that coverage of Gingrich among NewsCorp outlets shows that…