Topic : national security

Chart shows percentage of statements in election coverage from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney broken out by topic. Time frame is October 22-25.

Analysis of the Final Presidential Debate

In the final Presidential debate held last Monday, the theme was foreign policy. However, campaign issues (strategy, general debate recap, horse race status, etc) made up 29% of the coverage…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Mitt Romney distributed by topic in articles that mention “Israel” and articles that mention “Iran”. Time frame is July 20 – August 3.

How Romney Framed Israel and Iran

During Romney’s trip to London, Israel and Poland, he spoke frequently about his Foreign Policy ideas. However, when speaking about Iran, he framed his discussion about National Security more than…

Chart shows distribution of sentiment of statements from Romney concerning Terrorism, Foreign Policy, and National Security. Date range is April 24-May 5

Romney’s Mixed Foreign Policy Messaging

In the backlash of Biden’s comments about Romney’s ineptitude on foreign policy and national security – “Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive” – Romney reacted swiftly to…