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Chart shows amount of coverage dedicated to the Economy, Taxes, Entitlements and Social Issues by the Wall Street Journal compared with all other print outlets in 4thEstate’s statistical data sample. Time frame is May 1-November 6, 2012.

Election Coverage Wrap-Up: The Wall Street Journal

This post is the continuation of our media monitoring series examining coverage behavior of various media outlets during Election 2012. Today’s post discusses the statistical data analysis of the sourcing…

Chart shows percentage of statements from the Romney campaign with the mention of the word “medicare”, broken down my topic and sentiment. Time frame is July 23 – August 20.

How the Campaigns Have Framed Medicare

The Obama team has wrapped up the Medicare issue into the larger context of the Healthcare system and the National Budget. On the other hand Romney, Ryan and their team…

Chart shows percentage of statements about Candidate Character (orange) and Entitlements (purple) out of total election coverage over time. Time frame is July 20 - August 17.

The Ryan Conversation: Entitlements and His Biography

Discussion of Medicare and Ryan’s background caused coverage of Entitlements and Candidate Character to skyrocket. In the first week following Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan for his running mate,…