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Charts show coverage of the economy over time, as a percentage of each newspapers total election coverage. Time frame is May 1-November 6, 2012

Coverage of the Economy Among Top Newspapers

In today’s post, we are analyzing the coverage of the economy by top national print outlets from January to November. In the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the…

Chart shows coverage of Social Issues over time. Time frame is Jan 1-Nov 6, 2012.

Coverage of Social Issues Among Top Newspapers

This post is the continuation of our media monitoring series examining coverage behavior during Election 2012. Today’s post discusses the statistical data analysis of the coverage of Social Issues among…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in election coverage by each newspaper. Time frame is June 1 – September 27.

Candidate VoiceShare in Print Coverage Slanted Toward Romney

In print coverage of the election, a significant portion of the attributed statements are from the two candidates. Mitt Romney has had significantly higher VoiceShare among major print outlets’ election…

Chart shows percent of positive statements toward each candidate out of total coverage in each print outlet. Time frame is April 17 – July 11.

Top Print Outlets Amplify Very Little Positive Coverage

The top national print outlets covering the election have been amplifying very little positive coverage toward Obama and Romney since late April. The topics on which each candidate is receiving…

Chart shows percentage of statements about the top 5 topics among the top 5 newspapers in the past month. “Other” represents all topics outside of the top 5. Time frame is May 17 – June 14.

Top Newspapers Show Different Coverage Foci

Coverage by topic is extremely varied among the top five newspapers who reported on the presidential election in the past month. While all five newspapers share the same five topics…