Topic : Joe Biden

Chart shows percentage of statements from Obama and his staff during the DNC broken out by topic and sentiment. Time frame is September 3-8.

DNC Coverage Recap

Speeches by Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton were amplified and covered the most following Barack’s. Topic and sentiment behavior shows that the Obama campaign went positive on the Economy and…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Joe Biden in election coverage, out of total statements from the Obama campaign. Time frame is May 1 – August 24.

Overview of Joe Biden’s Role in the 2012 Campaign

Recent comments by Joe Biden have raised questions from analysts about whether he will stay on the Democratic ticket with Obama. Since May, discussion of Biden has been accompanied with…

Chart shows percentage of statements about Social Issues and the Economy. Time frame is April 12-May 10.

The Effect of Obama’s Gay Marriage Endorsement

Obama’s announcement that he supported same-sex marriage caused an enormous spike in discussion of Social Issues (red). In the past two weeks, discussion of social issues in election coverage has…

Shows spike in discussion of Foreign Policy connected to anniversary of Bin Laden's death

Anniversary of Bin Laden’s Death Sparks Election Moshpit

Marking the one year anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death, Barack Obama and Joe Biden used the accomplishment to attack Mitt Romney on his foreign policy record. Even Bill Clinton…