Topic : healthcare

Chart shows percent of quotes in election coverage about Immigration (brown), Social Issues (red), Economy (green), and Healthcare (blue). Time frame is April 17 – July 12.

Coverage Spike of Healthcare Ruling Was Brief

The healthcare ruling on June 28th caused a huge spike in coverage on healthcare in election coverage. It was the highest spike of any policy issue since general election coverage…

Chart shows the sentiment distribution of statements about healthcare. Time Frame is June 1 – July 3.

Strikingly Different Response Strategies to ACA Supreme Court Ruling

In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare last Thursday, the Romney and Obama campaigns had different strategies. While Romney went on the attack with anti-Obama criticism of the…

Chart shows percentage of statements in election coverage that were about the Economy (red) and Healthcare (green). Time frame is June 1 – July 3.

Romney Attack on Healthcare Ruling Gets Amplified

With the Supreme Court’s ruling on the new healthcare law last Thursday, discussion of its influence on the presidential election has overtaken coverage of the economy. In response to the…


Healthcare Issue Spikes in March

The percent of statements on the issue of Healthcare increased from 0% to 22% in March, with the steepest increase of 20% occurring between March 17th and March 29th (See…