Topic : gender gap in media

Chart shows VoiceShare of female newsmakers (percent of statements from females) in articles of the top fifteen print journalists (based on statement volume per journalist) with statements from candidates excluded from sample (red) and included (blue). Time Frame is Nov 1 – May 15.

Gender Gap Among Top Print Journalists

Statements from female newsmakers only make up 20% or more of statements in articles from four of the top ten journalists when candidate statements are excluded. Aaron Gould Sheinin of…

Chart shows VoiceShare (percent of statements from females) in articles of top 15 print outlets (based on total statement volume per newspaper). Time frame is Nov 1 – May 15.

Female Newsmaker Representation in Print Media

Including candidate statements (blue), female VoiceShare does not rise above 19%, hovering just between 10-15% for the majority of the top newspapers. The worst offender among top newspapers is the…