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Chart shows percent of content in which “Paul Ryan” was mentioned, distributed by television media outlet. Time frame is April 15-August 11.

Ryan’s TV Coverage: Pre-VP Selection

Prior to Romney picking Paul Ryan to be his GOP VP running mate over the weekend, Ryan had not been covered very much in election coverage on television broadcast. Statements…

Chart shows distribution of coverage of the top five policy issues, excluding campaign-centric coverage. The ‘Other’ category represents policy issues not in the top five. Time frame is February 27 – May 5.

CNN and Fox News Programs Amplify Different Policy Issues

Two nightly news programs on different networks – Fox’s Special Report with Brett Baier and CNN’s John King USA – have varying foci of coverage on policy issues. Over one…

3 May Gingrich NewsCorp bias-450

Were Murdoch and NewsCorp Anti-Gingrich?

On April 11, Gingrich made the claim that “Fox has been for Romney all the way through”. 4thEstate NewsPoll data shows that coverage of Gingrich among NewsCorp outlets shows that…