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Word Cloud displays top 100 words using in election coverage of the General Election. Word size signifies frequency in coverage. Common words “think” and “know” are excluded. Time frame is May 1-November 6, 2012.

The Language of Election 2012

This post is the continuation of our media monitoring series examining coverage behavior during Election 2012. Today’s post discusses the statistical data analysis of the language used in coverage of…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on Foreign Policy broken out by sentiment. Time frame is August 20-November 17.

The Foreign Policy Game

Obama and Romney have gone negative on Foreign Policy in the past month of election coverage. From third-party newsmakers, Romney has received significant negativity while Obama has gotten some positive…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Mitt Romney distributed by topic in articles that mention “Israel” and articles that mention “Iran”. Time frame is July 20 – August 3.

How Romney Framed Israel and Iran

During Romney’s trip to London, Israel and Poland, he spoke frequently about his Foreign Policy ideas. However, when speaking about Iran, he framed his discussion about National Security more than…

Word cloud displays top 50 words used by Barack Obama and his campaign staff in statements discussing the economy. Omits the word “economy”. Time Frame is Nov 1 – May 15.

Language Of The Economy

When discussing the economy, Romney and his campaign staff emphasize the failures of Barack Obama as evidence by the frequent use of the words “president” and “Obama”. Other negative words…

Word Cloud displays top 50 words used in Barack Obama’s negative statements. Time frame is Nov 1 – May 15.

Don’t Be So Negative Barack and Mitt

Mitt Romney’s frequent use of the words “president” and “Obama” show that he has been overwhelmingly critical of Barack Obama throughout the GOP Primaries and General Election. His two biggest…

Word cloud displays top 50 words used in statements by citizen newsmakers since Santorum dropped out and Romney became the presumptive nominee. Time Frame is April 11 – May 24.

Citizen Lexicon Evolves in General Election

During the GOP Primary, language used by citizen newsmakers was very candidate-centric. Instead of discussing policy issues, citizens were focused on the personalities of the candidates. The prominence of the…

Word Cloud displays top 50 words used by Mitt Romney in statements where he speaks positively about himself. Time frame is Nov 1 – May 15.

Positive Reinforcement from Obama and Romney

When Mitt Romney speaks positively about himself, there is evidence that he frequently stresses his experience in the private sector and his ability to improve the economy. The words “economy”,…

Santorum lexicon in media

Santorum’s Resignation Spotlight Failed to Set Agenda

Last week Rick Santorum ended his bid to become the GOP presidential candidate. Santorum made a speech announcing his withdrawal in which there was a notable absence of any mention…

Word cloud of top words in statements co-occurring in articles that included term "war on women" over the last 30 days.