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Chart shows sentiment break down in postmortem election coverage of Obama and Romney from third-party newsmakers (those outside of the campaigns). Time frame is November 6-11.

GOP Throws Romney Under the Bus in Postmortem Election Coverage

In postmortem election coverage, from November 6-11, Romney received mostly negative coverage and Obama received mostly positive coverage. Third-party newsmakers (those outside of the campaigns), praised Obama in over half…

Breakdown of issues and sentiments in the coverage of the San Francisco - broken down by Obama and Romney campaign voices.

Spotlight: San Francisco Chronicle

Today’s Sunday spotlight focuses on the patterns of the coverage of the San Francisco Chronicle during the general election. For the purpose of all the charts in this post, we…

Chart shows VoiceShare trend of Democrats (blue) versus Republicans (Red) from January 10-April 17.

Democratic Voices Enter the Fray

In the first week of Republican primary season, Democrats only had 4% VoiceShare as all attention was on the Republican candidates and the results in Iowa and New Hampshire.  However,…