Topic : candidate character

Chart shows percentage of statements from the Romney campaign broken out by topic and sentiment. Time frame is August 27-31.

GOP Convention Focused on Character

Statements from Romney and his campaign staff during the RNC, which includes both amplifications of speeches and other statements, were heavily focused on Candidate Character. Over one-third (34.4%) of statements…

Chart shows percentage of statements about Candidate Character (orange) and Entitlements (purple) out of total election coverage over time. Time frame is July 20 - August 17.

The Ryan Conversation: Entitlements and His Biography

Discussion of Medicare and Ryan’s background caused coverage of Entitlements and Candidate Character to skyrocket. In the first week following Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan for his running mate,…

Chart shows topic and sentiment distribution of statements that include the word “tax”. Time frame is November 1 – July 16.

Tax Debate a Double Edged Sword for Romney

Romney’s tax returns have been a major focus of the Obama campaign strategy and have complicated the discussion about taxes by making it about Mitt Romney’s Taxes, not tax policy….

Chart shows percentage of statements in print coverage of the election that are about different topics. Time frame is January 2 – June 22.

Policy Issues Pushing Campaign Issues Aside

In major print media, coverage of policy issues has overtaken coverage of the campaign and candidate-centric discussion for the first time this since the beginning of the GOP primary. Starting…

Chart shows distribution of topics discussed by citizen newsmakers. Time frame is Nov 1 – May 15.

Citizens Look For Candidate Personality

Citizen newsmakers discuss candidate personality (Character) over 33% of the time when quoted. Discussion of poll position and horse race (Position), takes up only 15% or citizen statements. The top…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Citizen newsmakers about Candidate Character (orange) and Social Issues (red). Time frame is January 2 – May 15.

Gay Marriage Riles Citizen Newsmakers

For the duration of the GOP Primary, citizen newsmakers discussed candidate Character (orange) more than any other message on a consistent basis. It has been a constant theme that the…