Topic : campaign strategy

Chart shows percentage of statements from members of the Romney campaign team broken down by newsmaker and sentiment. Statements from Mitt Romney excluded from data set. Time frame is September 1-October 31.

Fall Bench Strategies

Back in June, 4thEstate published a post on the bench strategies used by the Obama and Romney campaigns. Today, we are looking at the behavior of the Romney and Obama…

Chart shows distribution of coverage on the top 10 topics covered during the general election between Romney and Obama. Time frame is April 17 – July 25.

Campaign Tactics Still Main Topic of General Election Coverage

Campaign strategy is still the most-discussed topic in coverage of the general election between Romney and Obama. Although other issues have broken into the conversation more than they did during…

Chart shows percentage of statements about the economy among all statements in election coverage (green) and percentage of statements from Mitt Romney that are negative to Barack Obama (red). Time frame is April 1 – July 10.

Romney Core Strategy: So Where’s That Monthly Job Report?

Our data shows a clear correlation between the releases of national employment data each month, and the discussion of the economy in election coverage. Our data also shows that focused…

Chart shows percent of total statements about Campaign Strategy (black), Economy (green) and Social Issues (red). Time Frame is May 1 – May 29.

General Election Strategy Shapes Coverage

In the second half of May, election coverage became increasingly about campaign strategy rather than policy issues. On May 14, the percent of quotes about campaign strategy was only 17%…

Chart shows trend in statements about Mitt Romney’s campaign strategy and position in the election. March 21-April 17

Romney’s Discourse Strategy Shifts for November

Statements concerning Mitt Romney’s position in the race for GOP nominee dropped drastically following Santorum’s exit.  On April 3rd, 41% of statements about Romney concerned his position in the race,…