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Chart shows percentage of statements about the economy in election media coverage over time. Monthly BLS job report releases indicated by dates. Time frame is April 1-October 30.

The Role of the Economy in This Year’s Election Coverage

The economy has been the overarching issue of this year’s election cycle. Mitt Romney has attacked Obama for not being able to improve the economy more quickly, and Obama has…

Chart shows percentage of statements from the Romney campaign with the mention of the word “medicare”, broken down my topic and sentiment. Time frame is July 23 – August 20.

How the Campaigns Have Framed Medicare

The Obama team has wrapped up the Medicare issue into the larger context of the Healthcare system and the National Budget. On the other hand Romney, Ryan and their team…

Almost half of statements from Obama and staff in early April were negative to Romney. Very few statements were positive toward his own campaign.

Obama Campaign Eyes Romney in Crosshairs

On March 15, 30% of total statements from Obama and his staff were positive to himself, and only 16% were Negative to Romney. From March 27th to April 5th, statements…