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Chart shows VoiceShare of Men and Women newsmakers. ‘Other’ represents statements from organizations or groups that have been labeled as a single newsmaker.  Excludes statements from Presidential candidates.  January 2 – May 4.

Where are the Female Voices?

In print, radio and television media, female newsmakers are dramatically under-represented. In all three mediums, male newsmakers make up around 70% of the statements and females hover in the 20%…

3 May Gingrich NewsCorp bias-450

Were Murdoch and NewsCorp Anti-Gingrich?

On April 11, Gingrich made the claim that “Fox has been for Romney all the way through”. 4thEstate NewsPoll data shows that coverage of Gingrich among NewsCorp outlets shows that…

Chart shows sentiment distribution of statements Positive to Romney and Negative to Obama, from Mitt Romney between the dates of March 30-April 26.

Romney Increases Anti-Obama Sentiment

Since Rick Santorum dropped out of the race on April 10, Mitt Romney has become very negative toward Obama on the Economy. From April 6-8, before Santorum dropped out, only…

Chart Shows volume and sentiment of statements about Gingrich from top 10 national newspapers, including Atlanta Journal Constitution, New York Times and Washington Post. January 2-April 26.

Gingrich Heavily Favored at Home

Georgia’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution showed hometown hero Newt Gingrich considerable favoritism. 34% of Gingrich’s coverage was positive, significantly higher than any other national newspaper. The volume of statements about Gingrich was…