Topic : 47%

Chart shows break down of election coverage by topic. Time frame is September 9-26.

A Look At Top Election Issues Before and After Conventions

After a summer of hollow election coverage, post-convention coverage has seen policy issues beginning to make their way onto the landscape. Political analysts and pundits are also talking about the…

Chart shows sentiment breakdown of statements from declared Republican newsmakers in election coverage. Time frame is Septemner 16-22.

Romney Receives Republican Wrath

Last week Romney received more negative sentiment in election coverage from fellow Republicans outside of his campaign than did Obama. His “47% video” was rebuked by GOP Congressional candidates who…

Chart shows percentage of statements from third-party newsmakers out of total election coverage about Obama and Romney, showing break down of sentiment of those statements within each bar. Statements not about Obama or Romney not shown on chart. Time frame is September 16-22.

Romney’s Rough Week

Last week, the “47% video” caused major negative attention to shift onto Romney, his stance on entitlements, and his character. Following Mother Jones’ leak of Romney’s “47% video” last Monday,…