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Gingrich momentum loss and Republican Primary lack of discussion of issues.

Gingrich Reduced Role in Primary, Will Focus on Issues

Newt Gingrich today announced he is reducing staff though he plans to continue to campaign until the Republican convention in August, unless Romney or Santorum reaches the delegate count required…

Santorum focused negative energy on Romney

Santorum Going Negative over Last 30 Days

Rick Santorum has increased his attacks on Mitt Romney geometrically in the last 30 days and the media is amplifying these attacks. In the last 30 days statements negative toward…

Rick Santorum anger at New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny does not consider the relatively positive coverage his campaign has been getting compared to Romney or Gingrich.

Santorum Gets Upset with New York Times Reporter – Jeff Zeleny

Recent web videos show Rick Santorum getting upset with a New York Times reporter, Jeff Zeleny. While one can argue whether Santorum should have gotten upset with the reporter’s seeming…