Chart shows positive and negative sentiment of statements about Romney’s Character in election coverage from newsmakers outside of the campaigns. Time frame is July 27 – August 24.

Ryan Improves the Romney Brand

Coverage of Mitt Romney’s character had a positive spike following his choice of Paul Ryan as running mate. This positive coverage was due to Paul Ryan’s likeability, which helps improve…

Chart shows percentage of statements from the Romney campaign with the mention of the word “medicare”, broken down my topic and sentiment. Time frame is July 23 – August 20.

How the Campaigns Have Framed Medicare

The Obama team has wrapped up the Medicare issue into the larger context of the Healthcare system and the National Budget. On the other hand Romney, Ryan and their team…

Chart shows percentage of statements about Candidate Character (orange) and Entitlements (purple) out of total election coverage over time. Time frame is July 20 - August 17.

The Ryan Conversation: Entitlements and His Biography

Discussion of Medicare and Ryan’s background caused coverage of Entitlements and Candidate Character to skyrocket. In the first week following Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan for his running mate,…

Chart shows coverage ratio among Fundraising (green), Advertising & Ad Buys (yellow) and Super PACs (indigo). Time frame is July 1 – August 9.

Super PACs Not Central to Money in Politics Coverage

Since the beginning of July, coverage of the role of money in the presidential campaigns has been rising. While Super PACs have generated considerable discussion, coverage of the fundraising, advertising…

Chart shows percentage of statements from Mitt Romney distributed by topic in articles that mention “Israel” and articles that mention “Iran”. Time frame is July 20 – August 3.

How Romney Framed Israel and Iran

During Romney’s trip to London, Israel and Poland, he spoke frequently about his Foreign Policy ideas. However, when speaking about Iran, he framed his discussion about National Security more than…

Chart shows percentage of statements about Economy (green) and Foreign Policy (pink) in media coverage of the election. Time frame is July 1 – 29.

Romney’s Trip Drives Coverage of Foreign Policy

Romney’s trip abroad changed the conversation of the election coverage from the economy to foreign policy. The majority of the coverage was driven by Romney himself, as his statements on…

Chart shows distribution of coverage on the top 10 topics covered during the general election between Romney and Obama. Time frame is April 17 – July 25.

Campaign Tactics Still Main Topic of General Election Coverage

Campaign strategy is still the most-discussed topic in coverage of the general election between Romney and Obama. Although other issues have broken into the conversation more than they did during…

Chart shows percentage of statements about Candidate Character in election coverage. Time frame is May 1 – July 22.

Bain Issue Drives Return of Horse-Race Journalism

There has been a recent sharp increase in the coverage of Candidate Character. While Romney has received more coverage on the issue, he has received the most criticism on the…

Chart shows topic and sentiment distribution of statements that include the word “tax”. Time frame is November 1 – July 16.

Tax Debate a Double Edged Sword for Romney

Romney’s tax returns have been a major focus of the Obama campaign strategy and have complicated the discussion about taxes by making it about Mitt Romney’s Taxes, not tax policy….

Chart shows percent of quotes in election coverage about Immigration (brown), Social Issues (red), Economy (green), and Healthcare (blue). Time frame is April 17 – July 12.

Coverage Spike of Healthcare Ruling Was Brief

The healthcare ruling on June 28th caused a huge spike in coverage on healthcare in election coverage. It was the highest spike of any policy issue since general election coverage…