Nate Silver is a data-pundit that successfully predicted the electoral college count for the 2012 Presidential Election.

The Wonks are Coming! The Wonks are Coming!

In actuality, they have fully arrived, and this is not some inept landing on a sand bar. This is a frontal attack on the unarmed-with-data political punditocracy. It is a…

Letting the Second Debate Marinate

I watched the second Presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney from the comfort of my home computer. I decided to spend it at Yahoo News’s Destination 2012. They…

Chart of how the Media Voiceshare in the coverage of the Republican Primary 2012 has had a correlation to the actual popular vote for a number of contests.

Correlation Between Republican Primary Voting and 4th Estate VoiceShare Analysis

Using our proprietary sample and process methododology, the 4th Estate Project has found an interesting correlation between campaign VoiceShare in the media until a day before the election and the…