4th Estate Project Funding

The 4th Estate Project is a stand alone project of Global News Intelligence (GlobalNI or GNI). Although the project is supported by GNI, we operate as an independent entity. GNI was founded by a former radio and TV producer following the genocide in Rwanda. It was built as a predictive analysis tool tool to track the statistical increases or decreases in inflammatory or extremist rhetoric as reflected in radio and print media. Over the last ten years the foundational technology that the 4th Estate Project uses to create the data and charts resident on this blog, has been used by a broad array of clients including the U.S. Department of Defense, Fortune 500 companies and large international organizations such as IOC. GNI’s proprietary technology allow for highly accurate behavioral analysis as reflected in publicly available open source information. GNI can track and compare specific patterns in behavior of the media itself including specific media outlets, journalists, and media corporate owners.

We refer to the data behind the 4th Estate Project as NewsPolls. NewsPolls are capable of generating a virtually unlimited number of insights within a particular information environment. If you wish to see something that is not presented in an existing post or chart, please contact us with your idea for a data chart . We promise we will respond directly to you, and if we believe your suggestions or proposed charts would be of interest to others or have value for a broader audience, we will create a post around the idea.